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photo courtesy of Dr. St. Causey

Aural Communications and Entertainment


Aural Communications and Entertaiment (or ACE) ministers to all those ready to hear the word of Causey. Causey and his fellow missionaries know that the quickest way to a young person's heart is through "rock" and/or "roll". Though some may criticize their seemingly secular methods of preaching, no one can deny their success in attracting new followers into the Causey fold. Their hymns carry a special message for you. Causey cannot physically be with you every day to remind you to practice your faith in His way, but He can be in your heart if you are ready to let Him in. In order to keep your mind from straying the path of Causey enlightenment, it is recommended that you listen to His recorded sermons. Know that when you buy an ACE product, you are serving humanity in more ways than you could ever fathom. A portion of your tithes goes towards funding future missions.

ACE's members include Causey, The Button, The Truth, Reign Causey, and Good Shepherd Youth Causey. Other family members who have participated in The Causey Way include Will of Causey, Dr. Saint Causey, Summer (Sum Sum) Causey, Boy Causey, Red Causey, and Causey 316.

ACE is known to most people as THE CAUSEY WAY when they perform.

You may purchase merchandise by The Causey Way's ACE at these fine establishments:

WWCD Testimony With Loving and Open Arms New Wave Explosion The Ecstasy of the Agony Causey vs. Everything

Put It On A Cracker: Recording Label - WWCD

Testimony, Causey vs. Everything, and Incompatible vol. 3, various artists compilation. "Natural Disasters (God's Black Box)" from WWCD.

The Causey Way Poster Page - Put It On A Cracker Records at the Covered Dish concert poster

Mordam Records - order CD.

The Super-8 New Wave Explosion compilation. "Science Made Me a Homo(sapien)" from WWCD.