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The Button Defies Rumours

The Button finally made an appearance recently to dispel all the rumours that have been circulating concerning his absence from the current Causey Way crusades. Here is the statement he released:

Many of you have heard rumours that The Button will not be touring with the ACE on this tour. It has been rumoured that this is for disciplinary reasons. That is not the case. The Button is attending to very important security issues at the compound.
As you know the United States presidential election was a sham. It came down to the wire in Florida, our state of residence. The Causey/Willis ticket tried with all available resources to ensure a fair election in our state, but the powers that be had other intentions.
Because of the actions of Causey in this past election, current-president George W Bush has made it his personal mission to see to the end of The Causey Way. Thus the heat has been turned up on the good people living at the Causey Compound and security precautions must be made.
The Button was trained at the highest level in matters of this sort. Ironically enough, he received his training from CIA (US government) training facilities in Nicaragua. But he has since received elevated skills training from masters in the Far East. He is now charged by Causey himself to begin training Causey Compound residents in the skills of self defense and guerrilla tactics to undermine the evil intentions of the powers that be and preserve the wonderful life we have on the Causey Compound. You can see some of the training photos below. You thought Janet Reno was a threat. It's a different story altogether now and they are not wasting any time.
So please say a small individual prayer or even start a prayer chain for the health and safety of The Button and the other members at the Causey Compound while Causey and the ACE are on the road furthering the ministry of The Causey Way. Don't forget that by purchasing a memory photo of The Button at these Causey Way services will further enable The Button to continue the extensive training of the Causey Compound members, which is more costly than you can imagine.


The Button Makes a Call to Arms

This is a call to arms to all Causeys. You are being persecuted by figures of authority that do not know you. They do not understand the man that you love. They pass judgment on something that they will never understand and never could understand. Figures in the media are trying to shut Causey down because they have never done an intelligent thing in their lives. It's jealousy because of the attention Causey is getting, it's jealousy over His creativity, and it's jealousy because they wish they had the ability He has.
Very few people ever feel strongly enough about something in their life to be willing to fight for it, but here is your opportunity. Let the media, censors, and uneducated authority figures know that The Causey Way is here to stay and they can't do anything about it. Ban it? This revolution will go on!!!!! Outlaw it? We won't be shut down!!!! Try and end this? We will only grow stronger!!!! I would love for the rich old governmentalists to create laws to outlaw The Causey Way because bad publicity only means people's interest will rise and so will our membership and popularity.
Don't let all Causey's blood, sweat, and tears go to waste. All the pain, all the suffering can't be for nothing. We have come too far to let it end now.
From Oprah to Extra to Rolling Stone to Thrasher Magazine and Causey is just getting warmed-up!! Causey is just starting to get the attention He so rightfully deserves. We won't be stopped, we can't be stopped.
This is a plea to stop the petty fighting between members as to who is the most Causey. This is a call to join together and unite as one driving force set on revolutionizing the world as we know it because I sure would rather see Causey on TV than Benny Hin.
Who knows what we could do? Causey Way PPV's, weekly Causey Way services, Causey Way magazines, Causey cereal boxes, the possibilities are endless, The fame and glory is sitting there waiting to be taken. It's right in front of our faces. Lets put on the best services possible, come up with the most creative offerings, cut some great promos, put together awesome websites, have car washes, make flyers, promote promote promote!!!!! No one is gonna do it for us. We are only young once!
Put your hearts into this, so that we be part of The Causey Way empire we created with pride. The glory, the recognition, the rewards are at our fingertips. Causey is so close to having more then his allotted 15 minutes of fame. This can be huge if we put our hearts into this to make it work, we could shake up the entire world as we know it. This fire is fueled by Causey... this fire is fueled by the passion... and this fire is now fueled by the thousands in this country who are dedicated to this revolution he has started!!!!!

Causey Speaks Out:
The Trouble with Drummers

Drummers, first and foremost have distractions in their lives of entertainers (ex: Lars Ulrich, Birdstuff, Phil Collins). The Causey Way has a seperate ward on the Compound that helps these unfortunate ones who chose to take up the art of "DRUMMING". These drummers have to stay back at the compound for "lifestyle' lessons and such, the rest of the ACE members are near perfect, meaning they can venture out into the secular world without any distractions.

Sad news for the congregation, as they already know, but The Button has to stay back at the Compound due to a little attitude problem he has been having. Rest assured all will be well with him. The road of Rock n' Roll has introduced The Button to a few things that are that of a "Behind the Music" scene.

But please be advised that Reign's little sister Summer will be taking over The Button's duties. She is quite happy to get away from the Compound for a while....she has been there since day one, so please excuse her lack of popular culture.

Anyway, back to drummers... Recently enough, some bands have seen our wonderful plan, and have looked into our "drummer rehab program", if you will, and have asked for The Causey Way to help, help their situation.

Most recent to be helped (well, that would be) was the WILL of CAUSEY,  known before as plain Will. Will is going through intensive therapy at this moment, and can be expected for a full recovery and ready to tour on Jan 11th, up till Feb 3th, 2001. So the Causey congregation can welcome Will of Causey with loving and open arms this upcoming tour. Some of you might know Will from his travels with Causeys favorite secular band MOONEY SUZUKI.

See The Causey Way Videos! Listen to Powerful New Sermons!

The nice guys at What Else Records have posted a video clip message from Causey in their News Section. They have also added live video footage for "A Faith Explosion" and "C.I.A" in their Sounds Section. Plus there are several great pictures of The Causey Way in their Photos Section!

Missing! The Causey Way Robbed!

While preaching to the masses in Milwaukee, a heathen stole some of The Causey Way's equipment and property. Two guitars and two boxes of CD's are now missing. One guitar was a hollow-body Harmony electric guitar with one pickup and two slider controls for the tone and volume. Multiple copies of With Loving and Open Arms and Testimony were taken. If you have any information regarding these items, please notify The Button or Causey immediately. Please keep a lookout for the guitars and CD's on eBay and your local used record and guitar shops.




The Causey Way is listed as the NUMBER ONE religion of the new Millennium by The Big Empire!


As our congregation grows, we have had the fortune of converting several members of the press. Normally skeptics of religion, they could not help but let their guard down when they felt the love of CAUSEY come into their hearts. Their praise of CAUSEY will forward our efforts in reaching people all over the world and that is good news!