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Dear Mama Causey,

A celebrity whose work I admire was wearing an armband supporting the
Causey Way. Since I had never heard of this organization before, I went
onto the website to learn more about what it is. However, I am still
very confused. I realize that it is somewhat of a religious organization,
but I was not clear on what the preachings and beliefs are. I was wondering
if you could perhaps inform me of the basis of the Causey Way's beliefs
and what they entail?


Dear Curious,

Thank you for your interest in learning more about
things that are Causey. There is a wealth of information
on this web site. If at all possible it would be
worth your while to attend a service, even if that
means traveling a great distance.

I look forward to seeing your curious face in the

Love and hugs,
Mama Causey