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Latest News From The Causey Compound

A Final Message From Causey

To whom it may concern:

Those wanting facts about the matters of the Causey Way deserve some information. I write you this letter from The Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital (jail for crazy people). I guess I shall first explain why I am in an Asylum. The court hearing I attended almost 6 months ago to this day decided that I was insane and felt that I needed psychiatric care. In their words, "Scott Causey Stanton has proven time and time again that he can not function in normal society, so we have no other measure then to institutionalize him." I say to you… Every "normal" person is constantly coming upon crossroads of life, and in order to choose one alternative and reject the other, it is merely necessary to assume that one way is right and the other way is wrong.
I have had several run-ins with the law. Yeah, the Vancouver incident was bad, and the Toronto episode was alarming, and I have future court hearings in Canada, but the Causey Way service in Morgantown, West Virginia landed me in this nut shell. My firearms display got a little out of hand that night. A young punk put me to the test and I did not back down.... I told this young man that in fact, Punk is not dead, but I am about to kill it this very second and I used him as an example. Due to litigation I can not talk any more about this. I can say the young man is doing fine and we have befriended each other since this episode.
I am in no means trying to paint the picture that I am not at fault and I am an innocent man. For psychiatric reasons and personal reasons I must admit that Causey was an egomaniac. I WAS WRONG.
I am sorry I have not been able to write you all earlier. We have little computer time in the hospital and the time that I do have, I use to write my mother. She is a real blessing to me.
I have been doing well since my last outburst. Four weeks ago, I tried to drown myself in holy water. I wanted to negate the sin of suicide. It was a most embarrassing situation to be caught in.... I am sure you are wondering where does one get holy water in a psychiatric hospital: the Chapel my friend. I was doing community service work at the chapel and I found the 10 gallon drums of holy water in the storage shed.... That's where I got the bright idea. Bright idea huh? This little outburst will cost me another 6months at least.
I have learned a lot in the institution. I have looked back on some things, but I guess your concerns are those of the Causey Way. I must be brief; I have a group meeting to attend.... The Causey Way was a cult, something sociologists call an audience cult. Causey viewed the members of his cult as consumers, not members; they were to buy and tithe. Everything had a price tag on it: MEMBERSHIP (Causey judgement forms), MERCH(faith tools), CAUSEY SHOWS(services), and so on and so on.
The Causey Way, like most cults, involved very little bonds between members and very little sense of group identity. The Causey Way was a form of "white magic", the opposite of black magic. Causey was more concerned with manipulating non-empirical forces in the form of filling his own specific worldly and material needs.
The charismatic ass known as Causey realized the world was grasping for answers. The politicians, the economist, the religious leaders, the pop stars and the movie stars had no answers and were indeed the problem. Causey knew he could come up with an answer or at least pose as if he had an answer. The people of the world who could not face reality and wanted to drop out could choose The Causey Way as their cop-out. Causey was clueless. He thought you needed him, but in fact he needed you.
I know you are all beautiful individuals with creative genius minds. Take your gifts and make a better world for mankind. Make it easier for the fellow individuals you meet along the way. Stay in focus. Remember the demons-- the demons may leave your body and creep the land, but when they can not find a home as good as you, the gather up their friends (other problems) and they move back into you. I must get prepared to leave.
Finally, If you indeed feel something positive from your Causey Way experience, please feel free to take that and make something better with it, for that is yours. The music, the name, it is all yours. There are no copyrights or publication rights... No contracts signed. The only thing I ever signed were ASCAP papers. ASCAP and other ACE members advised me that I should sign with ASCAP and make extra money for my songs on the radio and for the live shows I was playing these songs at etc/etc. So, about two months after the "business/signing dinner" and having to hear this ASCAP REPS gibberish, I received my first letter from ASCAP stating that I owe them money. Point being, I don't think that contract is worth anything since I never paid them so you don't pay them. But you will unfortunately, every time you listen to the radio, every time you go to a live music club, etc, etc. The music is yours. Take the music and do whatever you please with it, for it is yours.
I must go now, I have the group meeting at 5pm. Please remember, Religions, Governments and other "POWERS" are all man-made ideas. The idea is to have power and control over the people. Power has two slaves, the one that holds the "power" and the one that is ruled by the so-called power. There really is no such thing as "power", "wealth" or "success" in a non manufactured world. These are all man-made concepts. Concepts that make you consume, consume and consume more. Don't buy them, make them buy you and don't sell cheap.
And I shall end with these words: Gods Black Box is Love and I believe in Love, Yes I believe in Love...

Your Friend Indeed,
Scott Causey Stanton



Causey Drummers to Sue Causey

Three separate lawsuits were filed against the troubled leader of the Causey Way recently. Causey drummers Boy Causey, Will of Causey, and Youth Causey, all still bitter about being released from their time-keeping duties with ACE, claim that Causey fired them out of frustration and jealousy. Both Boy Causey and Youth Causey are suing for breaking their recording contracts, while Will of Causey is fighting for the rights to his soul.
Boy Causey commented, "Causey doesn't have any rhythm."
Youth agreed, "Have you seen him dance? Isn't that evidence enough?"
Will of Causey wanted to make one thing clear: "I wasn't fired. I quit! I can't believe I sold my soul to Rock 'n Roll for this!"
The drummers respective lawyers all advised them against discussing too many details of the upcoming trials. One thing the lawyers definitely do not want to discuss is money. They are well aware of Causey's current financial problems.

The Truth Leaves The Causey Way With Eyes Wide Open

Causey and his followers were shocked to learn of Truth's departure from The Causey Way. She was recently hired as a consultant for The Church of Scientology. The Truth had been associating with known members of the Church of Scientology, but it had been assumed that she was doing so in the hope of showing them The Causey Way of Life. In reality, she had been contemplating leaving ever since she realized the true nature of The Causey Way. Apparently, The Causey Way was her first exposure to the culture of the United States and for some time, she assumed that the Causey lifestyle was representative of people in this country. She only recently attained a level of proficiency with the English language that allowed her to fully understand Causey's teachings. And what she heard appalled her. She was, however, relieved to discover the many freedoms she had been denied for the past few years - not to mention freedom of religion. She is particularly excited that her choice of wardrobe will no longer be restricted. She is quoted as saying, "Now I can just throw on a Versace gown and relax!" She has also continues to express her musical talent through her new band, Producto.

Rumors of Bankruptcy at the Causey Compound

A lack of funding has stopped construction at the Causey Compound. Causey blames followers, saying, "Category C members should have been donating all of their worldly goods to the Causey Foundation. Some of my brothers and sisters must think this is some sort of charity organization. It is not. I can't afford to give everyone free room and board at the compound. Everyone has got to pull their weight around here." Causey denies that the financial problems are as bad as previous reports say, but followers whispered about his cancellation of ministry tours and the rejection of all Causey Way membership applications. Residents of the compound report finding eviction notices on their doors. What does this mean for the controversial leader? Only Causey Himself knows for sure.

The Button Deprogrammed!

The Button seemed genuinely happy as reporters and photographers approached him outside his home. After disappearing from the public eyes for several months, he finally emerged, eager to talk about his departure from The Causey Way and his re-entrance into the outside world. He is anxious to return to his Hip hop roots.
Upon hearing the news, Causey was angry. He felt betrayed by not only The Button, who prefers to revert to his old hip hop name of Chilly B, but also by Jello Biafra, the man who had promised to help him spread the Causey gospel.
Jello is accused of kidnapping The Button and "deprogramming" him by forcing him to listen to Jello's spoken word rants 24 hours a day for six weeks. "Oh, Button, why hast thou forsaken me?" cried Causey.
Button responded, "Well, it all started when Causey began asking people to bring their secular CD's to His sermons for the purpose of burning them in a bonfire. People were handing me Creed, Blink 182, and Papa Roach recordings by the dozens. I was curious about this music and had to find out for myself why Causey would want them to be destroyed. I slipped a few of these CD's into my keyboard case and listened to them in secrecy. I was disgusted, yet intrigued by what I heard. Jello walked in on me one time, though and I knew that I had been busted. I begged him not to tell Causey. He told me not to worry and that my secret was safe. He said that the recordings were vile and probably did deserve to be destroyed, but that if I was truly curious about the outside world, he had something better for me to listen to. At first, I was resistant. I don't really want to get into the details - it was a painful experience, but I am grateful to Jello. As for The Causey Way, I am a little sad that I missed three years of my life, but I want to put all that behind me now."
When asked if how he felt about his former leader, Causey, the Button's use of outdated lingo hinted at just how sheltered his life had become. He said, "Causey knew the score. When he took me in, I was just a struggling MC. He promised me a lot of things, but it was all a big lie. He said he had flava and that he was down with my mad fresh flows. He said he'd let me represent on the mic, but he never gave me my props. Now I can get back to my solo career. From now on, I'm keepin' it real!"

Dr. St. Causey Gives Up Spiritual Healing in Favor of Emotional Healing

For months, Causey Way devotees have pondered the whereabouts of Dr. St. Causey. Her office at the compound has been shut down since the end of 2000, but no explanation had been left. She was recently discovered living on a commune in an undisclosed Midwestern city. Now, instead of tending to lost souls, she tends her organic garden and takes care of abused and abandoned children at a foster care center. She refuses to answer all questions concerning her departure from The Causey Way. Was she "deprogrammed" or did she leave of her own free will? She will not say, but she does comment that she is much happier now and feels that she is doing more good in her new role.