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photo courtesy of Dr. St. Causey



Do tithe Causey with a dollar. Don't offer Monopoly money.
Do allow the spirit of Causey to move your body on the dancefloor. Don't invade the sacred space of the altar.
Do raise your hand in order to receive the blessing of Causey. Don't request any Stryper songs.
Do prepare your mind, body and soul to be joined with Causey's if he calls upon you to be his holy companion. Don't ask The Truth to be your spiritual mistress.
Do witness to others. Don't attempt to heal others through the Power of Causey.
Do touch The Button if you want to feel the power. Don't spill your PBR on the Peavey.
Do feel free to speak with Causey about your role in the Causey Conversion plan. Don't mention Koresh around Causey.