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Dear Mama Causey,

When I work out at the gym, I occassionally wear a shirt that says "The
Causey Way Is Not a Cult." People walk by and stare at my shirt. Do you
think that they are concerned? Amused? Bemused? Intrigued? Do you think
men and women have different thoughts about the shirt? I don't understand
what the big deal is. The shirt clearly says that the Causey Way is not
a cult. Please Mama Causey, tell me if people stare at the shirt if it
means that they are ripe to receive Causey's message.

-Worried While Working Out

Dear Working Out,

Wear your shirt with pride and do not worry so about
the opinions of others. I feel you will know when
someone is ready for the message.

Love and hugs,
Mama Causey