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Causey Haikus

Button, Button, whose
Got the Button? Causey
knows The answer, of course!

-Chloe Nightingale

Is Causey with me?
I can't believe I asked that.
I better shut up.

-Causey Vizer

my tormented soul
twists inside of me with the
judgement form unsent

-Colin Bean
If I have children
Will I name them all "Causey"?
Do cats have kittens?

-Causey Vizer

  When we've got Causey,
Who needs air conditioning?
Our sweat is pristine.

-Causey Vizer

At First I Was "X"
But Then I Saw The Great Truth
I Followed the Way

-Brady King  
protect me causey
a bad song is in my head
and it will not leave

-Colin Bean
He Is My Father   
He Is My All-Knowing Friend
For He Is Causey

- Brady King
  Let the truth be known
Causey has saved us all from

Chloe Nightingale
You dress in white and
Causey changes your life, but
You leer at the truth.

-Chloe Nightingale
  "what power is" was
played on my radio show
an inspiring song

-Colin Bean
  the white light it shines
quelling the darkness that loomed
til there was CAUSEY

Hollis Pilling