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Dear Mama Causey,

I write to in desperation. When I met my husband five years ago, I convinced him to join the Causey Way family. At first, everything seemed fine. He said that he had not been raised to be a religious person, but that Causey had shown him the light. I think he is losing his faith lately. He's talked about wanting to leave the family and that there is nothing I can say to convince him to stay. He's been threatening to take our children with him. What should I do? Please help me, Mama.

--- Worried in Wyoming

Dear Worried,

I share your concerns for your husband and children. It may be a wise thing to encourage your husband to visit other services. This may be the only way for him to see the error of his ways. When we are in the midst of perfection we often question that very perfection.

Love and hugs,
Mama Causey