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Dear Mama Causey:

Having my eyes opened by Causey has been a blessing to my life, but I am
surrounded by many not-Causey people. I have taken a liking to reading
Russian literature. Conventional wisdom suggests that Dostoeyevsky should
be read in coffee shops and at home and not at a place called "The Rodeo
Bar." A friend is mocking me for wanting to read Dostoeyevsky at the Rodeo
Bar where I can drink many beers, throw peanuts on the floor, and listen
to rockabilly. I want to do it solely for my own enjoyment and not to impress
anybody. Would Causey approve of my place of reading?

-Krazy about Karamazov

Dear Karamazov brother,

I could not resist that little play on words. . .
if it were acceptable to read fine literature in only
"refined" places, wonderful works of art would merely collect
dust. Enjoy!

Love and Hugs,
Mama Causey