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Dear Mama Causey,

The love of my life and I have decided to enter into wedded bliss. Being
that we both unfortunate last names and hyphenating our names would just
make matters worse, we decided that we would choose a neutral, third party
name. She suggested "Kennedy" because we can win political office in the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts without trying; however, I suggested adopting
the surname of "Causey." Our neighbors and friends Steve and Maureen
Causey, which are not affiliated with the Causey Way in any way are offended
that we have just adopted their name that they feel like they have earned.
What can my fiancee and I do to make them happy and still adopt the name

-Seeking New Name

Dear Seeking New Name,

My very best wishes to you on your upcoming nuptials. May you and your lady spend a life time of joy, love and caring for one another.

Causey would certainly be a proud family name to bear. Are you sure your forms are completed and you are a member in good standing? If so, please feel free to use the Causey name with the respect it deserves.

Love and Hugs,
Mama Causey