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Dear Mama Causey,

I made a personal decision to follow Causey a year ago, and thanks be to Causey, my family has opted to do the same.

I have tried to bring my children up to be right with the Causey Way. However, my children (ages 9, 13, and 15) have been met with ridicule from their peers for not partaking of the fruit of the world in their choice of music and clothing.

I fear that one day that the peer pressure and ridicule will be too much for them to bear and they will stray from the proper teaching of the Causey Way.

What can I do to ensure that they do not forsake fundamental and basic principles I have spent so hard instilling in them?

-Concerned Parent
Dear Concerned Parent,

The concerns you are experiencing have been asked as long as there have been parents. I too have asked the same questions over the years while raising my ten children. Be of strong faith in your beliefs, even though there is bound to be times of straying in their formative years - what is good and pure will be the things they will always come "home" to.

Causey has been such an inspiration to his brothers and sisters. What a blessing he has been to me in raising them.

Love and Hugs,
Mama Causey