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Dear Mama Causey,

I was raised a proper young lady. My mother always told me to never wear white after Labor Day. During the fall and winter months, I still feel a little funny wearing my Causey Way attire. Is that old fashion rule outdated? What should I say when people snicker at me for the way I'm dressed? A couple of times, people have mistaken me for a nurse and have called on me to try to give CPR to someone.

---Embarrassed in El Paso
Dear Embarrassed,

First let me say that I respect your desire to follow the teachings of your, undoubtly wise, mother. But the importance of some rules do change over the years. Let me gently question your true dedication to The Causey Way. Have you ever seen any indication that Causey or any of his followers wore their white with anything but the greatest of pride? I think not. Examine your priorities carefully.

Now anyone who requests CPR is just not Causey! They are trying to take advantage of your caring nature. Possibly Causey could counsel them - right out of the service.

Love and hugs,
Mama Causey